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  • Born in Linz
  • Studied Translation in Vienna
  • Since 1999 intensive occupation with script
    • Training under Mag. Nora Köstlbauer (in the Prof. Rudolf von Larisch style)
    • Regular international workshops from Andreas Schenk, Frances Breen, Mag. Ilse Mühlbacher (Buchbinden), Denis Brown, Joachim Propfe, Judy Detrick, Jean Larcher, Massimo Polello, Gemma Black, among others

"Petra M. Gartner was fascinated by the beauty and the magic of the "written word" from childhood onwards and since the beginning of the 90s she has occupied herself intensively with it. The artist herself says, "It was not at all easy to gain access to the training centers – but that is part of the mysticism of script in general."

The writing itself requires a great amount of concentration which however is rewarded by the meditative peacefulness acquired.

Petra M. Gartner never bothers to copy that which she has been instructed in but prefers rather to experiment with various combinations of styles and techniques as well as the areas where they overlap. Be it as it may that the meditative influence of "practice" trains the soul, Petra M. Gartner's multi-faceted lettered works of art sometimes bubble over with unashamed, mischievous creativity.

On the one hand one has to include inspiration, colors and experiences and at the same time – each and every time – one has to dare to begin the adventure of how the materials are going to react to one another. No matter how she manages to realize the images in her mind script must always be a part of them, must be permitted to play a role.

In Petra M. Gartner's works "script" is playfully but ardently memorialized as an integral part of the respective culture."

Barbara A. Lehmden

Mag. Petra M. Gartner

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